Meet the team!

IRJ is not run by binary brains or aliens, it’s run by humans just like you. Here we are and here’s a little something about each of us.

Ivan Jenkins


After quitting the rowing team at 16 to sell newspapers, it was already obvious that Ivan meant business. It was only a matter of time before he would start his own company, which finally happened in 1991, at the age of 24 when IRJ was born.

His love is for all things business, focusing on the big picture, data and business process.

Justin Lawrence


Justin loved computers from early on. He began coding in primary school.
Being half-italian, his eye is for detail and his heart for experience. He loves to build products.

Justin will tell you he has a bad case of A.D.D, but that’s his mind moving at 1000Gbps. His mouth sometimes can’t keep up.

All work and no play? When work is your passion, you don’t really notice the difference. Justin does have other interests, though.

Ruan Fourie


When Ruan isn’t taking photographs or taking appliances apart (or taking apart appliances that take photographs), he’s probably building a gadget or developing software.

Ruan is the nicest guy. Honestly, if there was a nice guy award, Ruan would win every time.

Brett Henderson


If ever there was a war, on-screen or off, you’d want Brett on your team. He is solid, strategic, reliable, trustworthy and highly intelligent. Not to mention he plays semi-pro paintball in his spare time. He also knows Kung Fu!

He’s not always our tech soldier, though. He has a soft and patient touch for his beloved bonsai trees.

Brett is our first remote worker (not because he’s dangerous, but because he and Justin work together online).